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Amorgos, the most eastern island of the Cyclades, seems to protect the eastern Small Cyclades due to its oblong shape. It stands proudly at the centre of the Southern Aegean Sea acting as the crossroad where the North meets the South. It’s the “exit” from the islands of the eastern Aegean towards the coast of Asia Minor.

Amorgos, an island of rich cultural heritage and particular wild beauty, the island of the deep blue, can’t but create a daunting feeling to its visitor. When the ferry approaches the island, you can feel the atmosphere changing. Its mountain range and deep sea parting create steep coasts on the east, while at the same time on the west there is a sense of harmony, as the mountains smoothly end up into small peninsulas with sandy bays in between.

Directed by Luc Besson, 1988

The Big Blue

In 1988 the island became known worldwide as the “The Big Blue", from the French film of the same name by Jacques Luc Besson, which gave cinephiles in our country wonderful shots of Amorgos through the life of divers. Even today, every afternoon a café in Aegiali shows the film…and it is always full! 

As a result, the French have come to love the island and visit it by the thousands every year, even starting tourism in May. It is no coincidence that many French people live on Amorgos and have bought their own house…


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